Which Job Do I Go For? How Do I Chase My Dreams?

I miss writing.

I feel like I never seem to have time to write on my blog anymore because I’m so busy. Obviously I’m not busy 24/7, but when I am I’m usually doing university work. By the time I do finally have time to myself I am just too tired for anything and can’t concentrate on my computer screen.

However, only two months left and then I am finished for good. Wow, that’s a scary thought! I can’t believe how quickly the last three years have gone… They have flown by! At least when I finish I can concentrate writing on here more frequently.. Whilst searching for full time job in the media, of course. Continue reading


Hard Work Will Always Pay Off

Hey Guys, it’s been a while!

I’ve been working so hard on uni work lately that I haven’t really had much time to myself to blog. Today has been my first day off working in a while, not that I actually wanted it to be like that. Yesterday I told myself I would wake up today and do work all day. But this morning I woke up and just couldn’t seem to get motivated.

The other day I had a presentation which surprisingly went really well. Usually I get pretty ill when it comes to presentations because I have anxiety anyway, so presentations just take it to a whole new level. I think this is literally the calmest I have ever felt in a presentation too.. although it was a group presentations so I guess that helped a bit too. I also had to write 1500 words for my dissertation literature review by tomorrow. I was really dreading doing it because I thought it would be really difficult, but I’m actually really pleased with myself. I went through lots of books and hand-wrote quotes that I felt would be helpful to include, whilst also writing the referencing down after. Once I had gathered some relevant sources I started writing them up into paragraphs for my lit review and it all seemed to fall into place.

I’m doing well keeping on top of work this year. Usually I get very stressed when it comes to deadlines – as does everyone I’m sure – so to avoid that this year I’m setting myself lots of mini deadlines and preparing things in advance to avoid huge amounts of stress. At least it seems to be working at the moment anyway!

Hopefully I will start to write a bit more frequently soon, but until then.. take care.


Busy, Busy Bee

Ohhh dear.

I apologised last week for not blogging for ages because I have been so busy… but I’ve gone and done it again! :/ SORRY!

This last week (again) has been so hectic. I have now handed in my dissertation proposal which took a lot of time and planning to do. I am now waiting to hear back from my university to approve my proposal and give me a personal mentor. Continue reading

Sorry, sorry… and sorry?

Well, I feel terrible!

It feels like ages since my last post – I do apologise. I will try to do it more frequent, but with being back to university this week I’ve been really busy settling in my new house etc.

I enrolled for my third and final year of Media on Wednesday… How scary is that?! I can still remember  my first day there ever. Time really does fly… Continue reading

eeek, it’s almost time….

Eeeeek, the beginning of term is quickly creeping up on me and I have no idea what I’m going to base my dissertation on yet!

I can’t believe I am already going into my 3rd year of university. Time has absolutely flown by! It only seems like last week that I was packing up the car and moving all of my belongings into my university halls, then having to say goodbye to my family and spending the first night alone. When I moved in I was so nervous about my flat mates. What if they don’t like me? What if they’re nasty? What if I don’t make any friends? Little did I realise that after a week of being there it would seem as if I had known them my whole life, and am still best friends with them now after two whole years!

Last term we got told we need to give in our dissertation proposal pretty much immediately when we arrive back in September. So the next couple of weeks I’m going to have to try my best to plan and focus on ideas for it so that it is slightly less stress to deal with when I go back.

Ahhhh, wish me luck!! 🙂