Which Job Do I Go For? How Do I Chase My Dreams?

I miss writing.

I feel like I never seem to have time to write on my blog anymore because I’m so busy. Obviously I’m not busy 24/7, but when I am I’m usually doing university work. By the time I do finally have time to myself I am just too tired for anything and can’t concentrate on my computer screen.

However, only two months left and then I am finished for good. Wow, that’s a scary thought! I can’t believe how quickly the last three years have gone… They have flown by! At least when I finish I can concentrate writing on here more frequently.. Whilst searching for full time job in the media, of course. Continue reading


Daily prompt: Release Me: An Expereience Worth Sharing

The blog post I was most nervous about publishing was the one about my 18th birthday.

I hadn’t shared my traumatic experience with anyone else before because even talkingĀ  about it made me feel sick and full of regret for going out that night. Even now I find it difficult to talk out loud about it sometimes. I get horrible flashbacks of different parts of the night and following day that seem to keep trying to haunt me. Continue reading

creative writing – advice & feedback would be great please x

There he was. Chocolate brown eyes scanning the room as he held his whisky in his right hand and his smart phone in the other. He looked just like he does the photos I had seen of him. He looked so smart wearing a slick black suit with a white shirt and royal blue tie. I know Casey told me not to attract his attention, but I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, a chance like this doesn’t come around very often, right?

Continue reading