Which Job Do I Go For? How Do I Chase My Dreams?

I miss writing.

I feel like I never seem to have time to write on my blog anymore because I’m so busy. Obviously I’m not busy 24/7, but when I am I’m usually doing university work. By the time I do finally have time to myself I am just too tired for anything and can’t concentrate on my computer screen.

However, only two months left and then I am finished for good. Wow, that’s a scary thought! I can’t believe how quickly the last three years have gone… They have flown by! At least when I finish I can concentrate writing on here more frequently.. Whilst searching for full time job in the media, of course. Continue reading


Sorry, sorry… and sorry?

Well, I feel terrible!

It feels like ages since my last post – I do apologise. I will try to do it more frequent, but with being back to university this week I’ve been really busy settling in my new house etc.

I enrolled for my third and final year of Media on Wednesday… How scary is that?! I can still remember  my first day there ever. Time really does fly… Continue reading

My Very First Blog Post…

Hey everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m completely new to this so it may take me a while to get used to what I’m supposed to be doing! 🙂

My name is Jenny, I’m 20 and I live in Wales. I love writing and hope to go into the media business one day after I have completed my degree. I decided to set up a blog in order to share my life, experiences, views, feelings and whatever else with people who also have a passion for writing.
I will follow back

Hope you enjoy.

Love me xx