Daily Prompt – Sweet Sixteen – You can always have fun

The idea of having a birthday soon did not really excite me when I was fifteen, due to turn sixteen shortly. Every year the couple of months leading up to my birthday was so exciting. Getting to choose presents, flick through the Argos catalogue circling things I want, and most of all.. party planning!

When I was younger I absolutely loved arranging parties with my parents, writing out invites to send to my friends and making up party bags! Such excitement would always rush through me and Continue reading


Excitement never ends: We meet again

It had been two weeks.. two long weeks.

My boyfriend was finally back off his holiday and I was on the way to see him. Two weeks isn’t really that long, but when you miss somebody it feels like forever.

The journey there wasn’t going fast enough. Butterflies were going around my stomach. I couldn’t contain my excitement to be able to give him a huge hug and have him back. I walked up to his front door and gave it a knock.

There he was. Big blue eyes gazing down at me and smiling. He was back. Giggling, I gave him a big hug and the butterflies went away. “I’ve missed you” he said, holding me tightly. The moment I’d been waiting for for the last two weeks had finally arrived; it felt perfect.