Daily Prompt – Sweet Sixteen – You can always have fun

The idea of having a birthday soon did not really excite me when I was fifteen, due to turn sixteen shortly. Every year the couple of months leading up to my birthday was so exciting. Getting to choose presents, flick through the Argos catalogue circling things I want, and most of all.. party planning!

When I was younger I absolutely loved arranging parties with my parents, writing out invites to send to my friends and making up party bags! Such excitement would always rush through me and Continue reading


Weekly writing challenge poem: i love you because…

I love you because you’re there for me every day and night,

I love you because you’re by my side when I get into a fight,

Not that that ever happens, but I just know that if it did Continue reading

My favourite holiday…

My favourite holiday has to be Christmas time.

Although I love summer, I love the feeling of winter coming around even if I do complain it is too cold most of the time! Cwtchy nights in with hot chocolates watching Christmas movies with my duvet is such a comforting feeling. When December comes around everywhere seems to be Christmassy. You go shopping and all of the malls are decorated and Christmas songs are being played which immediately lifts my mood. Although I will admit, sometimes the business of Christmas shoppers does drive me slightly crazy with all of the loooong queues. Continue reading

Daily Prompt: A bunch of thanksyou’s

Well, what can I say? I have so many things to be thankful for.

I guess the biggest ‘thank you’ I have to give goes to my family and friends. There isn’t anything specific, just thank you for everything. For being there for me… for their support… bringing me joy and happiness… giving me gifts etc… their love…. Honestly the list could go on soooo far.

I suppose now I think about it, I probably don’t say thank you to them enough. Obviously I’m always thankful for everything they do, whether its tiny or huge and I always do physically say “thank you” to them. But I reckon 90% of us don’t show our appreciation to people as much as we should do. Especially people who we spend time with on a daily basis. It’s not like we do it on purpose or anything, I know that… but it’s quite hard to show just how much you appreciate them sometimes.

This challenge has definitely given me something to think about 🙂

Last of all… Thank you to whoever reads this post and to my followers!! 😛




A luxury to treasure

The luxury I can’t live without isn’t very original. But it’s true.

My home and family.

I suppose it doesn’t necessarily count as a luxury as such, but to me it is. Without my family and home, I wouldn’t have a point. Family means everything to me. Whether I had no money or belongings etc, as long as I have my family together then I would be the happiest girl.