22nd December… Where has the time gone?

So its 22nd December, and I’m sat here wondering where on earth the last couple of months have gone..

Time seems to have flown by this year. It doesn’t even feel possible that it is almost 2014 already. Three days until Christmas and it hasn’t really sunk in. I absolutely love the Christmas feeling, especially the excitement leading up to it. But this year it still doesn’t really feel like it is Christmas in just 3 days. Usually this time of year I am absolutely bursting with excitement so I’m wondering why I’m not this year.

Perhaps it is because I’m getting older… I mean, I’ve always been told it gets less exciting as you grow up. Continue reading


Sorry, sorry… and sorry?

Well, I feel terrible!

It feels like ages since my last post – I do apologise. I will try to do it more frequent, but with being back to university this week I’ve been really busy settling in my new house etc.

I enrolled for my third and final year of Media on Wednesday… How scary is that?! I can still remember  my first day there ever. Time really does fly… Continue reading

Excitement never ends: We meet again

It had been two weeks.. two long weeks.

My boyfriend was finally back off his holiday and I was on the way to see him. Two weeks isn’t really that long, but when you miss somebody it feels like forever.

The journey there wasn’t going fast enough. Butterflies were going around my stomach. I couldn’t contain my excitement to be able to give him a huge hug and have him back. I walked up to his front door and gave it a knock.

There he was. Big blue eyes gazing down at me and smiling. He was back. Giggling, I gave him a big hug and the butterflies went away. “I’ve missed you” he said, holding me tightly. The moment I’d been waiting for for the last two weeks had finally arrived; it felt perfect.