Daily Prompt – Sweet Sixteen – You can always have fun

The idea of having a birthday soon did not really excite me when I was fifteen, due to turn sixteen shortly. Every year the couple of months leading up to my birthday was so exciting. Getting to choose presents, flick through the Argos catalogue circling things I want, and most of all.. party planning!

When I was younger I absolutely loved arranging parties with my parents, writing out invites to send to my friends and making up party bags! Such excitement would always rush through me and Continue reading


Daily Prompt: If only I could….

I love a good sing-a-long… but if only I could sing.

Well, I don’t think I’m THAT bad, but I’m really not that good either. When I hear people with such beautiful voices that gives me goose bumps I think it’s great. I would really love it if I could do that too.

I don’t think I’m really really bad because I had a few singing lessons when I was younger, in year 7. Although I didn’t get told I wasn’t very good, I decided to give up because I wasn’t very confident in myself and was interested in learning the piano instead.

One of my many favourite sounding songs is ‘Ave Maria by Beyoncé’. Such a beautiful song and she has such a beautiful voice too. I would love to be able to sing it so perfectly like her version.

But you never know, all of my practicing of singing in the shower might make me a bit better 🙂




Daily Prompt: A bunch of thanksyou’s

Well, what can I say? I have so many things to be thankful for.

I guess the biggest ‘thank you’ I have to give goes to my family and friends. There isn’t anything specific, just thank you for everything. For being there for me… for their support… bringing me joy and happiness… giving me gifts etc… their love…. Honestly the list could go on soooo far.

I suppose now I think about it, I probably don’t say thank you to them enough. Obviously I’m always thankful for everything they do, whether its tiny or huge and I always do physically say “thank you” to them. But I reckon 90% of us don’t show our appreciation to people as much as we should do. Especially people who we spend time with on a daily basis. It’s not like we do it on purpose or anything, I know that… but it’s quite hard to show just how much you appreciate them sometimes.

This challenge has definitely given me something to think about 🙂

Last of all… Thank you to whoever reads this post and to my followers!! 😛




Daily Prompt – twist – Suspicious minds

It had been four months since I first got suspicious about my partner. We had been together for about 7 years and shared a son, Jeremy, together. We were in love and had always had a healthy sex life. Four months ago, David started coming home from work late. When I kept asking him why he was late he was always very shady about it and told me to stop being so paranoid. A few weeks later, he wasn’t very interested in making love to me or kissing me anymore. I felt deeply offended and humiliated, worried that he didn’t find me attractive anymore. And again, when I asked him why he doesn’t want to have sex he would always use the excuse, “I’m too tired, I’ve had a busy day”. Continue reading

Excitement never ends: We meet again

It had been two weeks.. two long weeks.

My boyfriend was finally back off his holiday and I was on the way to see him. Two weeks isn’t really that long, but when you miss somebody it feels like forever.

The journey there wasn’t going fast enough. Butterflies were going around my stomach. I couldn’t contain my excitement to be able to give him a huge hug and have him back. I walked up to his front door and gave it a knock.

There he was. Big blue eyes gazing down at me and smiling. He was back. Giggling, I gave him a big hug and the butterflies went away. “I’ve missed you” he said, holding me tightly. The moment I’d been waiting for for the last two weeks had finally arrived; it felt perfect.




A luxury to treasure

The luxury I can’t live without isn’t very original. But it’s true.

My home and family.

I suppose it doesn’t necessarily count as a luxury as such, but to me it is. Without my family and home, I wouldn’t have a point. Family means everything to me. Whether I had no money or belongings etc, as long as I have my family together then I would be the happiest girl.