My Additional Blog…

Before now, this had been my only blog. Nobody I personally know from school or university is on here, so I have been able to be completely myself without being judged or talked about by people who know me.

However, it has occurred to me that if I want to grasp more opportunities for my writing career, I need to have a blog that I am willing to make available to people I know as well, and that way I can also link opportunities in the media to it. Therefore, I have set up another account in which I will be able to write ready for career opportunities that will come my way.

I will still be blogging on this account too, so don’t think I’m disappearing as I am not going anywhere!! 🙂

But please check out and follow my new blog too for other posts and updates.

Also, the twitter account I have set up for it is – @bigdreams1993

Thanks everyone! See you soon 🙂