Better Late Than Never – My New Years Resolution

Well, hello again…

Yes, I am back.. finally! I haven’t blogged in about 27 days now which Is very bad of me, I know. I have been concentrating so much on uni work, meeting deadlines and keeping up my social life that I haven’t been able to just sit down, log onto my blog and start writing…

But, lets get this to change! I know its 20 days into the new year already.. (Happy New Year by the way).. but I will make a late new years resolution. This will be to try and blog as frequently as possible. Sometimes it may only be once a week if I am really busy, others I may do it several times a week if I give myself enough time to come on here. Either way, it will be as frequently as I possibly can.

What’s new with me? Nothing. No, I’m joking really – A lot things are new. Things keep changing for me recently – some good, some bad. However, all of them have taught me lessons that I am determined to become strong enough to take on board.

You will hear from me soon…

But for now, Happy Blogging 🙂



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