Daily prompt: Release Me: An Expereience Worth Sharing

The blog post I was most nervous about publishing was the one about my 18th birthday.

I hadn’t shared my traumatic experience with anyone else before because even talking  about it made me feel sick and full of regret for going out that night. Even now I find it difficult to talk out loud about it sometimes. I get horrible flashbacks of different parts of the night and following day that seem to keep trying to haunt me.

Therefore, I felt that although it is difficult to talk about it, perhaps a different way in which I could share my experience is to write about it. Other bloggers will be able to read about the experience I had, and perhaps take any advice I could give on board, or make them more aware of the dangers that are constantly around you whilst you are out – whether it is in a busy club, or just a quiet restaurant. You can’t really trust anybody around you.

Due to not sharing the experience with many people – other than my family and close friends – I was slightly worried and nervous about posting it on my blog. I’m not actually completely sure why though, to be honest. I guess part of me feels slightly embarrassed. I sort of felt as though I could perhaps be judged, although I’m not sure how/in what way. But, I finally decided it was time to share it with everyone else… and I am glad I did. It has kind of made me feel a bit more free as I have always hidden it away from the world up until now, so it made me feel slightly better being able to share it with other people and warn them about the dangers which are around them.

If anybody who reads this would like to read the blog post I am talking about please read – https://storyofmylife1993.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/a-birthday-to-remember-for-all-the-wrong-reasons/ 

Thanks for reading 🙂




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