Busy, Busy Bee

Ohhh dear.

I apologised last week for not blogging for ages because I have been so busy… but I’ve gone and done it again! :/ SORRY!

This last week (again) has been so hectic. I have now handed in my dissertation proposal which took a lot of time and planning to do. I am now waiting to hear back from my university to approve my proposal and give me a personal mentor. Apparently we all get a mentor who we can have help and advice from up to an hour or two a week. This is going to be really helpful. Although I feel worried about all of the stress I will be going through, I feel even more supported now knowing I will have a personal mentor who I can talk to who can guide me along the right lines.

I’m so determined to keep on top of all of my work this year so I have already set myself personal deadlines in my diary to keep organised. Which is the main reason in which I haven’t blogged this week because I have been tied down with so much work and readings to do for my lectures that I haven’t really had a lot of time to myself to relax and express myself.

But I will try my best to keep this updated regularly, but I am sorry for being so quiet 🙂



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