Sorry, sorry… and sorry?

Well, I feel terrible!

It feels like ages since my last post – I do apologise. I will try to do it more frequent, but with being back to university this week I’ve been really busy settling in my new house etc.

I enrolled for my third and final year of Media on Wednesday… How scary is that?! I can still remember  my first day there ever. Time really does fly…

So yeah, I have had just one hour in uni this term so far, and guess what? I already have to give in my dissertation proposal asap. Last term they told us not to think about it over the summer at all, but the last couple of weeks I have tried to write down lots of potential ideas to avoid the sudden pressure and stress. But it’s crazy that by Monday it is already going to be handed in… Then all of the hard work starts.

It’s kind of frustrating though that we haven’t really been told anything about it. I mean, I don’t even know how many words it’s supposed to be. I’m guessing it’s 10,000, but I may be totally wrong. We haven’t been told it has to be on anything in particular either, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the one I choose will be ok. I know this year is going to be so stressful and so much hard work, but I’m actually looking forward to starting back again and getting motivated. I’m determined to keep really on target this year so that I don’t get too stressed (well, more stressed than I will be…). Not sure how long this excitement will last though. By the end of next week I will probably want another break again 🙂

So yep, I’m a busy busy bee at the moment. Like I said I will try my absolute best to keep blogging on a regular basis and contributing in challenges that other bloggers are setting. But I am also sending my apologies for being so rubbish at doing it daily.

Love Me



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