Write now prompt: it appeared from nowhere…

The dark clouds rolled in quickly, casting strange shadows across the landscape. The dead leaves on the trees were beginning to blow off one by one as the wind got heavier.

The day began with gorgeous blue skies and sunshine, but that was soon going to change. Here we were, in the middle of a trek up Grey Hill at three in the afternoon in our knee length shorts and t-shirts. Seen as it’s August, myself and Tom assumed it was the perfect day for the walk we’ve been meaning to do for ages. As soon as we saw blue skies and bright yellow sunshine this morning, we knew it was the perfect day.

We had been walking for about fifty minutes already and the weather was beginning to blow up. The soft chilled breeze turned into big gusts of wind and the sky was getting dark. It’s always raining here in the UK, but it’s the summer so it should be nice really. But boy were we wrong.

Little spots of rain started to land on my bare skin. Maybe if it’s just a quick shower we can take cover under trees for a few minutes until it passes. The drops got bigger. “Quick! Under that tree!”, Tom shouted to me, pointing at the large tree with huge brown branches full of leaves, which were beginning to sway in the wind.

Running under cover, I glanced at the sky. This wasn’t any old shower, this was a big storm. The whole sky became black, and suddenly it got really cold. Whose idea was it to wear shorts and t-shirts?! Shivering, Tom wrapped his arms around my cold body to  try and warm me up. For a moment we giggled at the sight of our goose bumps down our arms and legs. Just half an hour ago we were boiling in the hot sunshine!


Thunder. Oh crap, now we were stuck. Suddenly, the heavens opened and rain poured from the sky. It was as if buckets of water were being thrown above us. The thunder got louder which was accompanied by bright flashes of lightening.

Twenty minutes passed and there was no sign of the storm stopping anytime soon. The beautiful green landscapes which we were enjoying just an hour ago were now just a blur of fog in the darkness of the storm. By this point, Tom and I were completely frozen. How is it possible for the weather to change so quickly?

It was getting darker and the thunder and rain was getting heavier. There was no way we could walk home in this.

Trying to keep my hand from shaking, I reached for my phone in my back pocket and dialled a number.

“Mum, can you pick us up?”, I whispered down the phone.




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