Daily Prompt: Sorry, I’m too busy to help

I usually help everybody out when they need help… as long as I physically can of course. If people need a chat, I will listen. If they need advice, I will try my best to give some. If they need a help with something else, I will try to give them what they need. But sometimes, you have no choice but to say no.

I can’t actually think of any particular time I have said no when somebody needs me, but I guess I could mention an occasion recently in which it did happen.

For example, it was the end of term and I had a major assignment that I REALLY needed to do. I didn’t have long left to do it and I was really really stressing about it. I was in my room at university and managed to get on a role typing away. Sometimes I just have  to be in a certain mood to get a lot done. My flatmate text me asking if she could come in and have a chat about some guy problems. As much as I wanted to help her, I really needed and wanted to get this assignment done. Usually when she comes into my room for a ‘quick chat’ she usually gets herself comfy and stays at least an hour.. or more! I just couldn’t afford to waste time on chatting when I had this assignment to do. I felt so bad after I turned her away, but sometimes it just has to be done. Of course, I did talk to her again once my assignment was over, but I still felt awful.

I always try to help out when I can though. It makes me feel like a better person when I help people, and I’m sure they would probably do the same for me if I was the one who needed help.




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