Daily inspiration Don’t think too much because…


Whenever I feel down because I am thinking about things which are upsetting me or getting me paranoid, I read this quote.

In 98% of situations, this is true for me. I get myself worked up about silly little things that I don’t even know for certain are true or do exist and get myself down and stressed about it. When I read this quote then it reminds me that it’s probably just my mind creating scenarios in my head which is persuading me to believe it. I’ve done this many times before and when I came to confronting the person involved, it was in fact me over thinking everything and it was a problem that didn’t actually exist to anyone else but myself.

I hope this will help other people if you’re like me and just need a bit of convincing that if you think too much you will create more problems for yourself. Try to relax and not read into things too much.. Not that I can talk, my mind is always over thinking! But this quote should hopefully help 🙂



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