My favourite holiday…

My favourite holiday has to be Christmas time.

Although I love summer, I love the feeling of winter coming around even if I do complain it is too cold most of the time! Cwtchy nights in with hot chocolates watching Christmas movies with my duvet is such a comforting feeling. When December comes around everywhere seems to be Christmassy. You go shopping and all of the malls are decorated and Christmas songs are being played which immediately lifts my mood. Although I will admit, sometimes the business of Christmas shoppers does drive me slightly crazy with all of the loooong queues.

The feeling of my family getting together to put up the Christmas tree gives me tingling sensations. I love it. And even more, I love the feeling on Christmas eve. Usually we have grandparents down for Christmas, so on Christmas eve we watch all of the special showings on TV before bed after a buffet tea, and then my sister and I put out our stockings and head up to bed. After that my parents Santa comes and puts out all of the gifts…

Christmas morning has always had a magical feeling to it, and it always will. The excitement of waking up and rushing into my parents bedroom, then running downstairs with my sister and seeing all of the presents lined out. We spend the morning taking it in turns unwrapping gifts whilst the Christmas dinner is cooking, then sit up and eat it all. Mmm, my favourite! In the afternoon we usually go for a walk and then have a buffet tea with crackers again before watching all the Christmas shows shown on television.

I love Christmas. It brings so much joy and happiness and gives me warm, tingling sensations. There is no better feeling than spending and celebrating Christmas day with your loved ones and watching their faces as they unwrap their gifts 🙂



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