Daily Passion prompt: favourite section at the bookstore

I’ve always been heavily into reading, but I’ve always gone through different phases of what to read.

When I was younger I would always go to the fiction part of the children’s section, however I soon moved onto the ‘pets’ section. My favourite animal has always been cats so I went through a phase of buying lots of different books on cats. Again, shortly after I went through an art stage when I went to secondary school in which I brought lots of books such as ‘how to do.. how to draw.. how to paint’ etc.

Now recently, I have got heavily into reading fiction and chick lit which is definitely my current favourite section of the book store. I’ve read a few books lately by the author of Jill Mansell which I really love and hope to find some new authors similar in the near future!

Who knows what my next phase and favourite section will be… perhaps sci-fi? 🙂




One thought on “Daily Passion prompt: favourite section at the bookstore

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