Dear Diary.. 27/8/13

It’s not even 8pm and I’m already in bed.

Today has been one of those days that start off really busy but then end up being quite lazy. I woke up at 9am and went down the doctors to make an appointment, but then I had to go back at 11.15am instead. So I had to waste a couple of hours so I went for a walk around the shops and then popped to see my Gran.

I had to go back into town after I had been to the doctors to pick up my prescription which was a bit of a pain, but I needed to get them so I had no choice. By this point, the sun was beaming down on me and I felt really hungry. So I went to Greggs and bought a cheese savoury to eat when I got home.

I didn’t do much at all for the rest of the day. It was really nice and sunny outside which usually I love and go out to catch a tan, but today I just couldn’t be bothered. By 4pm I started falling asleep but forced myself to get up otherwise I wouldn’t sleep tonight. Progressively as the evening went on I got even more tired. I just had a bath and I’ve got straight into bed. Hopefully I will fall asleep early for a change!

I’m not really sure why I’m so tired today though! Usually I’m tired most of the day then by 8pm I’m wide awake and rearing to do…. Yes, strange body clock I have, I know.

So yeah… what an exciting day! :S


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