Addiction 1


So there’s this game on Facebook called Candy Crush and I am so addicted!
It’s a game in which you go up levels and episodes and can help/get help from your friends too. Not only is it on Facebook, but you can also download it on your iPhone/iPad.

You mix and match different coloured candy and get given different tasks to do on each level. For example, “clear all of the jelly” or “collect all orders” or “bring all of the ingredients down to the bottom”.

You have a maximum of 5 lives at a time which new ones come along after half hour. Or, you can log in on Facebook and get your friends to give you extra lives.

I definitely recommend you checking it out if you haven’t tried it yet. It’s very addictive, although sometimes it’s a big time waster due to its addictiveness. However, this is where the maximum of 5 lives comes in handy because you have no choice but to stop playing until you’ve earnt one more.

If anyone tried playing it after reading this post then let me know what you think of it! Enjoy 🙂



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