They say that when you fall in love, you will know…

tumblr_lxwmsmwf0A1rnufmqo1_500“8 letters, 3 words”  “1 word, 3 letters”

        – Chuck Bass and Blaire Waldorf ❤

I absolutely love Chuck and Blaire’s love for each other on Gossip Girl. I think the reason most girls love it is because they dream about having a relationship exactly like that one… perfect. No matter how rocky it gets, how many arguments there are, how many times other things get in the way… they stick with each other and never give up.

Whoever said being in love was easy has no idea, and Chuck and Blaire’s love proves it. They are constantly fighting for each other, feeling every emotion that exists; confusion, sadness, happiness, anger… no matter how tough things get, they never give up.

The way in which they stare into each others eyes gives me goose bumps every time. Just by looking into their eyes and at their expressions, you can tell they are both completely head over heels in love.

Who else agrees with me? Doesn’t every girl dream of having her own Chuck Bass?



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