‘Millie’s Fling’ by Jill Mansell

imagesI absolutely loved this book. It got me straight back into reading again!

I hadn’t read in quite a long time because I had been so busy with university assignments and exams, but when I finished for summer I didn’t really know what to do with my time. So my Mum recommended me a book to read called ‘Millie’s Fling’ by Jill Mansell.

The moment I started reading it I got hooked on it! It is very easy to read and enjoyable and the fact that the characters face dilemma’s in which I can relate to makes it even more exciting. It is full of enigma’s throughout… you expect one thing to happen but then something else comes along to create yet another enigma on top!

I would definitely recommend females reading this book if they are into chick literature. It is a fun, light reading book with a lovely ending that leaves you smiling at the end and wanting more 🙂

Has anyone else read this book? After reading this I got so hooked on her books I have read a couple more since! So I will also review them shortly 🙂

(Although, I am new to this so it’s not exactly a very strong review at all!!)

Love me xx


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